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Apicarto module Geoportail de l'urbanisme


                 ressource = "zone-urba",
                 categorie = list(NULL),
                 dTolerance = 0)



An object of class sf or sfc for geometric intersection. Otherwise a character corresponding to GPU partition or insee code when ressource is set to municipality.


A character from this list : "document", "zone-urba", "secteur-cc", "prescription-surf", "prescription-lin", "prescription-pct", "info-surf", "info-lin", "info-pct". See detail for more info.


public utility easement according to the national nomenclature


numeric; Complex shape cannot be handle by API; using dTolerance allow to simplify them. See ?sf::st_simplify


A object of class sf or df


/!\ For the moment the API cannot returned more than 5000 features.

All existing parameters for ressource :

  • "municipality : information on the communes (commune with RNU, merged commune)

  • "document' : information on urban planning documents (POS, PLU, PLUi, CC, PSMV)

  • "zone-urba" : zoning of urban planning documents,

  • "secteur-cc" : communal map sectors

  • "prescription-surf", "prescription-lin", "prescription-pct" : its's a constraint or a possibility indicated in an urban planning document (PLU, PLUi, ...)

  • "info-surf", "info-lin", "info-pct" : its's an information indicated in an urban planning document (PLU, PLUi, ...)

  • "acte-sup" : act establishing the SUP

  • "generateur-sup-s", "generateur-sup-l", "generateur-sup-p" : an entity (site or monument, watercourse, water catchment, electricity or gas distribution of electricity or gas, etc.) which generates on the surrounding SUP (of passage, alignment, protection, land reservation, etc.)

  • "assiette-sup-s", "assiette-sup-l", "assiette-sup-p" : spatial area to which SUP it applies.


if (FALSE) {

# find if commune is under the RNU (national urbanism regulation)
rnu <- get_apicarto_gpu("93014", "municipality")

# get urbanism document
x <- get_apicarto_cadastre("93014", "commune")
document <- get_apicarto_gpu(x, ressource = "document")
partition <- document$partition

# get gpu features
## from shape
gpu <- get_apicarto_gpu(x, ressource = "zone-urba")

## from partition
gpu <- get_apicarto_gpu("DU_93014", ressource = "zone-urba")

# example : all prescriptions
ressources <- c("prescription-surf",
prescriptions <- get_apicarto_gpu("DU_93014",
                                  ressource = ressources)

# example : public utility servitude (SUP) assiette
assiette_sup_s <- get_apicarto_gpu(x, ressource = "assiette-sup-s")
protection_forest <- get_apicarto_gpu(x,
                                      ressource = "assiette-sup-s",
                                      categorie = "A7")

# example : public utility servitude (SUP) generateur
## /!\ a generator can justify several assiette
ressources <- c("generateur-sup-p",
all_gen <- get_apicarto_gpu(x, ressource = ressources)